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Age: 23

Height: 167cm

Weight: 56kg

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Long Brown

Piercings: Ears

Language: English

Nationality: Swiss, South African



2022: Liesel in ‘Hitler’s Tasters’, Michelle Kholos Brooks – White Rabbit Theatre Company

Lead. Hitler's Tasters is a dark comedy about the young German women who had the “honour” of being chosen as Adolf Hitler's food tasters. Based on true events in history, with shades of 2019, Hitler's Tasters explores the way girls navigate sexuality, patriotism and poison against the backdrop of war.

2022: Lead Stage Manager for 'Five Women Wearing the Same Dress', Alan Ball - Zurich English-Speaking Theatre

Five very different bridesmaids find themselves hiding together in an upstairs bedroom, hoping to escape the wedding reception of a bride that none of them really like. These five identically dressed women talk, laugh, argue, cry, console one another, and slowly become friends.

2021: Dinka in 'A Bird in a Pocket', Zhanar Kusainova - Zurich English-Speaking Theatre

Lead. The play follows Dinka, a girl who shares three situations which made a powerful impact on her experience of life. Through these three short stories, the people from Dinka’s past come back to tell us about love, loss, yearning, and hope.

2019: Lily in ‘The Other Room’, Ariadne Blayde – Zurich Engllsh-Speaking Theatre

Supporting lead. A bright neurodivergent teenage boy has a chance encounter with a popular high-school girl. She has no idea he's getting social advice from experts in the other room.

2018: Amalia Balash in ‘Parfumerie’, Miklos Lazlo – Zurich English-Speaking Theatre

Lead. The play takes place in a Budapest gift shop around Christmas and follows the personal relationships among the store's employees and customers. The central relationship is between two bickering co-workers who don't realize that they are in fact pen pals.

2013: Pupil 3 in ‘Hope Springs’, Richard Conlon – Rising Star Performing Arts

The true story of a Minor Correctional Facility on an island. The teenagers revolt and overpower the facilty’s principle following unethical treatment.


2022: 'Resilience', Francesco Ria - Cineloupe

Supporting lead. *in production

2022: B Cell in 'Mission Immunopossible' - Kajetana Bevc

Supporting lead. *in production

2021: Jacqui in ‘A History of Falling Things’, James Graham – Zurich English-Speaking Theatre

Lead. Prisoners of their fear of falling things - keraunothetophobiacs - Jacqui and Robin are restricted to living indoors. When they meet online a relationship begins which forces them to confront their fear and discover what's real in their lives and what really matters.


2022: for Buttato Corporation - KatrinMiu Photography

Lead. A quirky, camera facing explaination of how the corporation works.


2021: for Bottle+ - Bild Rauschen Studio

Supporting lead. A woman using and explaining the product to a curious man. 


2011: COP17 Opening Ceremony Performance 

Lead. A child discussing global warming with a puppet. 




  • Actor’s Studio in Zurich

  • Characterisation Workshop with White Rabbit Theatre Company

  • Acting Workshop with Zurich English-Speaking Theatre 

  • London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Certificate of Distinction in Acting

  • Multiple Workshops with Durban Actors Studio

  • Rising Star Performing Arts Academy 





Dance, Swimming, Ukulele, Drums, Majorettes, Ball Sports, Gym/Fitness.

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